Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moods & Moments

[“Ashley Streeter Darrell” (2009), acrylic on canvas. “Blaze-N-Hot Sauce” (2009), acrylic on canvas. “Bourgeois Landfill” (2009), acrylic on canvas.]

A collector of moments, moods, objects, and patterns, viewing a painting by Hope Gangloff is like being the proverbial fly on the wall. Moments and visuals captured on her canvases are more than personal. In Gangloff’s portraits—primarily of friends—her work captures every feeling and attitude. With her signature style, even the mundane, the most banal situations come off with a certain panache. Additionally, objects and patterns that this artist finds visually compelling find their way into her paintings. Her work is rendered most precisely—as if drafting a blueprint.

While Gangloff tantalizes us with these glimpses into the lives of others audacious or insouciant, the fragmentation and abbreviation of these narratives leave the viewer hungry for the details. It’s as if we’ve been allowed to see only fractions of some juicy diary entries. One can feel an underlying groan or murmur in these “still life” works. Pop culture turns to dynamic and irreverent entities in her portraits of these unguarded moments—practically allowing us to smell and taste her witty cast of characters. Our civilization's stream of jetsam is magnified in these works.

In the wake of her first solo exhibition at Susan Inglett Gallery in 2006, Gangloff went on to have solo exhibitions at Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles) and Endemica Gallery (Rome). A graduate of Cooper Union and an illustrator of children’s books, her work has also been shown in such venues as the Weatherspoon Art Museum (North Carolina), the Art Center of South Florida (Miami Beach), the 2009 Armory Show, and on the pages of the New York Times. This exhibition—up through November 25th—is her third solo exhibition at Inglett.

Hope Gangloff

Through November 25, 2009

Susan Inglett Gallery

522 West 24th Street, NYC 10011

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