Friday, February 23, 2007

pushing congress on the “safe climate act”

be sure to contribute to prevention of horrible eventualities posed by global warming--from chronic coastal area flooding and indefensible drawdowns of great lakes water levels to ever more destructive hurricanes. working toward solutions to global warming can be a challenge to bring us together as a society--and will leave our earth a better place for future generations. environmentally sound solutions we seek could potentially reap dividends for our economy and eventual energy security.

to prevent our being paralyzed by such a large issue, we can break from individual inertia and find accomplishable success. congress has offered us such a possibility with congressmember henry waxman's introduction of the “safe climate act.” if its objectives are realized, this science-based measure could reduce global warming pollution by 80% over the next 50 years. Bold action called for in this legislation includes: freezing u.s. greenhouse gas emissions to 2009 levels in 2010, starting in 2011 to cut emissions by approximately 2% annually and reach 1990 emissions levels by 2020, and cutting post-2020 emission by about 5% annually. it is hoped and projected that--by 2050--emissions will be 80% lower than 1990. such goals are similar to those announced by prime minister tony blair and governor arnold schwarzenegger with initiatives previously undertaken.

countering global warming demands nothing less. get your member of congress to co-sponsor the “safe climate act” and ask your friends and family to do the same. using the following link from “environment michigan” provides you an easy way to urge your representative’s co-sponsorship of the “safe climate act”--regardless of what state you reside in:

or you can use their suggested text and urge co-sponsorship by snail-mail:

"as power plants and cars spew out more global warming pollution, we will see rising sea levels along the eastern seaboard, more intense storms in the gulf, droughts in the west, and more dangerous heat waves across the country. but if we act now, and act decisively, we can stop global warming and protect future generations. i urge you to co-sponsor the “safe climate act,” which would prevent the worst effects of global warming by setting science-based limits to reduce global warming pollution by at least 15-20% by 2020 and 80% by 2050."

if you do not know your member of congress, you can find out who represents you and how to "sound off" to them at:

if you have any energy left over after this citizenly exercise, why not ask your senators to support legislation equivalent to the “safe climate act”?

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