Tuesday, February 20, 2007

armenian genocide resolution again introduced

more than 160 members of the house have added their names as co-sponsors of house resolution 106--the armenian genocide resolution. lead sponsor congressmen adam schiff (d-ca), joined with george radanovich (r-ca) and congressional armenian caucus co-chairs frank pallone (d-nj) and joe knollenberg (r-mi) to announce the support of that considerable number of their house colleagues for the introduction of this resolution.

joining these four members of congress as original cosponsors of the armenian genocide resolution are brad sherman (d-ca) and thaddeus mccotter (r-mi), both of whom are senior members of the house foreign affairs committee as well as strong supporters of recognizing this historic tragedy. prior to coming to a vote on the house floor, this proposed legislation will have to pass that committee.

h.r. 106 is similar to legislation introduced during the previous congressional session. while the house international relations committee (now the foreign affairs committee) overwhelmingly approved that resolution, its final passage was blocked by former house speaker dennis hastert (r-il). hopefully, the change in house leadership will finally lead to passage of this long overdue legislation.

debate on this resolution must spotlight the state department’s dismissal of ambassador john evans (who cited the historic reality of the armenian genocide) and the bush ii administration’s outrageous nomination of richard hoagland to serve as u.s. envoy to armenia (despite his denial of that genocide, which claimed 1.5 million). the inspirational courage of turkish writer hrant dink--whose recent murder in istanbul was incited by the turkish government’s outrageous campaign of denial, cover-ups, intimidation, and violence--forms an awesome backdrop to these developments.

please contact your members of congress to support this bipartisan legislation with their co-sponsorship. for more information, and to monitor congressional sponsorship of house resolution 106, contact the armenian national committee of america at http://www.anca.org/

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