Saturday, November 11, 2006

paint the capitol pink...

sustained applause must go to the voters of vermont for electing socialist bernie sanders to fill the seat vacated by retiring senator jim jeffords. bernie has represented vermont's at-large district in the house since 1991. a popular mayor of the people’s republic of burlington (because of his work at revitalizing that city), bernie has distinguished himself in the house with his support of universal health care, opposition to “unfettered” free trade, and—most notably—his votes against both resolutions authorizing the use of force against iraq in 1991 and 2002. while he will become the first socialist ever to serve in the senate, bernie was the first socialist to have served in the house since victor berger and meyer london were elected to serve earlier in the 20th century (the former in wisconsin's 5th congressional district and the latter in the lower east side). though much farther to the left, communist party sympathizer/"fellow traveler" vito marcantonio served in the house from 1935-1951, usually running on the american labor party ticket. socialist frank zeidler served three terms as mayor of milwaukee from 1948-1960—despite the mccarthy era (and the fact that joe mccarthy represented wisconsin in the senate). bernie will be well-poised in the senate to continue his fight to preserve our civil liberties.

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“give ’em hell, bernie!”

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