Wednesday, November 15, 2006

la chascona #2: yermiyahu ahron taub

[la chascona: the santiago, chile, home of
nobel-winning poet pablo neruda]

history fuels the poetry of yermiyahu ahron taub. in the process of interacting with history, taub explores the questions of human agency that preserve—and sometimes heighten—mystery, rather than having to build monumental structures to transparency. while taub poses that poetry does not require the arduous burden of proof of history, he believes it must have a sense of coherence—that a poem must manifest its own rhythms and language. explore the work of this conscientious poet, researcher, and translator whose compositions have appeared in numerous english and yiddish language literary publications. taub, an alumnus of temple and emory universities, also served as yiddish subtitles editor for “divan,” a documentary film by pearl gluck. published by wind river
press, his first book of poetry—the insatiable psalm—explores the troubled but enduring love between a devout mother and her increasingly less observant son. dig into the following samples of this persistent excavator’s quarry. perhaps, you will discover for yourself their inherent rewards:

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