Thursday, November 16, 2006

brian chippendale: sets

[brian chippendale, preemptive strike, 2006]

the mania of brian chippendale’s work—whether in his music, art, or prolific comics—is invigorating, though sometimes overwhelming. it’s like a banquet with several steaming and mouth-watering dishes: which does one try first? well, “sets”—a brian chippendale installation will only be at d’amelio terras until november 25, so you’ll have to quickly decide which angle to ingest. drummer or saxophonist, this hurricane out of providence, rhode island, has been associated with lightning bolt and black pus. in providence, chippendale participated in fort thunder, a workspace for avant-garde artists once ensconced in an antebellum textile factory.

“sets” is part of a troika exhibition of visual artists who traverse that milieu into music—those modes of expression influencing the other. (bjorn copeland and hisham akira bharoocha are the other two—both of whom also share strong roots in providence’s seminal creative scene.) the successive installations at d’amelio terras reference the structure and energy of sets at a musical event. the works of all three share an immediacy—with bright optical form and color—in which the visual and musical aspects magnify the other. [on saturday, december 16, catch the black pus performance at d’amelio terras (7-9 pm)].

a publisher of numerous zines and comics, chippendale’s ninja—a 144 page, 11 x 17 monster of a graphic novel/art book about ninjas, gentrification, sex, walking, and other things—has just been published by picturebox inc. chippendale’s first book, it’s been four years in the making and will be available at d’amelio terras during the exhibition.

nov 9-nov 25, 2006/ d’amelio terras/
525 west 22nd street/nyc 10011/t 212.352.9460/
f 212.352.9464/tuesday-saturday, 11 – 6 pm /

for information about chippendale’s book “ninjas”:

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