Sunday, October 29, 2006

manifesto of culinary mutiny

former policy wonk sandor katz has struck a blow against the food industrial complex with his new book, “the revolution will not be microwaved: inside america’s underground food movements.” taking on 'big food,' it profiles grassroots activists—ranging from community-supported local farmers to raw milk producers forced to fly under the radar of big government—who challenge the way we think about food. katz's guidebook can help us find our way out of the corporate food maze and take direct responsibility for our own health and nutrition. noted activist historian howard zinn points out that this resource allows us to see food with all its social and economic ramifications, to say nothing of its consequences for our health.

retailing for $20, katz is selling books for $15.95. order them online at and do check out the rest of sandor's illuminating site that attempts to propel more live-culture foods out into our culture. make eating well an act of civil disobedience!

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