Sunday, October 22, 2006

la-la land 2

an image almost as insane as the peronist posters on buenos aires streets in 2001: the juxtaposition of these two posters during the 2001 berlin municipal elections found in one of that city's easternmost precincts. one represents the ndp neo-fascists while the other the reconstituted communists of the pds. such a difficult thing to do: let go of discredited ideologies. as to the gentleman pictured in the pds poster, herr gysi seems (according to articles i've read) a most interesting and not-so-bad guy. such a pity he was in the wrong party. this juxtaposition is not so improbable as it looks: during the final years of germany's weimar republic, the nsdap (nazi) and kpd (communist) representatives in the reichstag voted the same way quite often in an effort to destroy german democracy. one great example was the Heinrich Brüning government's proposal for the construction of the autobahn to ease the suffering german unemployed. from the extreme right and left, both the nazis and communists defeated the proposal as it would have delayed their respective "revolutions."

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