Monday, October 23, 2006

fred tomaselli

[untitled, 2000, photocollage, acrylic, leaves, pills,
insects, resin on wood panel, 84 x 120 inches]

catch the current fred tomaselli show at james cohan gallery before it closes november 11th. his high-octane paintings offer a dazzling display of cut-outs from fashion magazines, medical texts, and ornithological guide books—layered with plants, pills, and paints. encased in high-gloss resin, his conflations of hi-low cultural references radiate an intense optical overload. in the current body of work, tomaselli draws in to examine the flora and fauna that inhabit his landscapes. the profusion of images has the effect of altering the world as we know it and creating a new ecstatic reality in its place. fred is long overdue for a solo exhibition in new york: his last was in may 2003.

oct 6 - nov 11, 2006/james cohan gallery/533 west 26th street,
new york ny 10001/t 212.714.9500 /f 212.714.9510
/tuesday-saturday, 10 - 6 pm/

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